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Your flag is a symbol of who you are and what you believe. That’s why it deserves to fly on the best mast available.

A flag mast from Valmont® Structures is engineered and manufactured with decades of traffic and telecommunications structure, lighting and utility poles and coatings experience behind it. What’s more, Valmont is the only manufacturer in India following the FP 1001-07 international design code. Your flag mast is too important for anything less.

When you purchase a flag mast from Valmont, you get:

  • Galvanising or liquid coatings that not only add longer life and aesthetic value to your flag mast but can also be colored to further support your organization or cause.
  • Masts are typically manufactured up to 60 meters tall, providing plenty of height while still maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety from Valmont.
  • Tapered mast designs reduce the impact from wind, and add to the durability and longevity of the mast.

Whether you raise your flag once, or raise and lower it each day, a flag mast from Valmont comes with everything you need to fly your flag with ease and confidence:

  • 3” diameter dome on top
  • Single flag rotating truck (allows the flag to blow freely in the wind)
  • 2 swivel snaps to attach the flags to the rope
  • Rope to raise and lower your flag
  • Anchor cleat for wrapping rope

Whether it is for a government facility, university or school campus, sports venue, commercial enterprise, park or even for personal use, Valmont Structures offers a custom-engineered flag mast that is easy to use, backed by decades of pole design and manufacturing experience and will display your flag for many years into the future.

Contact Valmont Structures to learn more about our Flag Masts, or send an inquiry to request information or a quote.

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