LED Street Light



Contains matrix of high power LEDs
Secondary optics: Suitable optical lens
Rated LED life span: 60,000 hours
Color Rendering Index: 80
Total Harmonics Distortion: <10%
Power factor: >0.9
Efficiency: >85%
Electronics: inbuilt HF driver with APF

Input voltage range: 145VAC-270VAC

LED luminous density: 120-150 LM/Watt 

Luminance Uniformity: >0.3

Color temperature: 2700K-6500K

Junction temperature: <80’C

Working temperature: -25’C to +70’C

Storage temperature: -40’C to +70’C

Housing: Pressure die cast aluminium alloy 

IP grade: IP65/IP66

Product CodeLED WattageLuminous FluxDimension (mm)Weight
ETSL-18-EA18 watt(+/-5%)2520 lumens350x 127x 701.1 kg
ETSL-24-EA24 watt(+/-5%)3360 lumens350x 127x 701.1 kg
ETSL-30-EA30 watt(+/-5%)4200 lumen350x 127x 701.1 kg
ETSL40-EA40 watt(+/-5%)5600 lumens379x 147x 701.4 kg
ETSL-45-EA45 watt(+/-5%)6300 lumens379x 147x 701.4 kg
ETSL-50-EA50 watt(+/-5%)7000 lumens405x 194x 801.9 kg
ETSL-60-EA60 watt(+/-5%)8400 lumens405x 194x 801.9 kg
ETSL-80-EA80 watt(+/-5%)11200 lumens465x 232x 883.2 kg
ETSL-90-EA90 watt(+/-5%)12600 lumens465x 232x 883.2 kg
ETSL-100-EA100 watt(+/-5%)14000 lumens465x 232x 883.2 kg
ETSL-120-EA120 watt(+/-5%)16800 lumens565x 270x 755.2 kg
ETSL-150-EA150 watt(+/-5%)21000 lumens565x 270x 755.2 kg
ETSL-200-EA200 watt(+/-5%)28000 lumens613x 281x 707.8 kg
ETSL-250-EA250 watt(+/-5%)35000 lumens613x 281x 707.8 kg

Gandhinagar, Gujarat


12 Produtcs


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