Off Grid/ Hybrid Solar Rooftop Power Plant


Increasing rise in electricity consumption tariffs and higher demands by industrial consumers has led to a hike in preference for off-grid captive generation of power. Since Captive Power Plants (CPP) are mostly fuel based like coal, gas or diesel, off-grid solar power plants provide a lucrative alternative. An off-grid rooftop solar power plant is a solution which involves a one-time investment and lower operating costs throughout its life. Off grid plants are independent circuits, which is not connected to a utility grid but is accompanied by batteries that store the generated power. They are designed to provide self-sustaining power for your business and is mostly used in remote locations where a grid connection is unavailable or where there is frequent power outages. These power plants are designed with hybrid PV systems to curtail the drawbacks of solar PV power generation.

An Off grid solar power unit can cover an expanse starting from 300 sq ft which is subject to increase depending on the area available. Similar to an on-grid power plant, a hybrid power plant too has solar panels, inverter, grid box, a mounting structure and BOS with an addition of a battery to store power generated. It can support a minimum of 3 modules of 300 Wp which is also expandable and have a maximum yearly generation up till 13500 units, depending on its structure.

  • An independent self-sustaining system that does not rely on a grid connection
  • Generates and stores power which can be used during the night or a power outage
  • Ideal power supply for remote locations with frequent power outages
  • Will not be affected by any unforeseen Grid failures
  • Its hybrid systems curtails the drawbacks of PV power generation
  • Non-fuel based reusable power production
  • Life of power plant can last up to 25 years
  • One-time investment with extremely low operating costs
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Off Grid/ Hybrid Solar Rooftop Power Plant by SunShell Power

Rooftop Area500-650 sqft700-1000 sqft1000-1200 sqft1500-1800 sqft2000-2500 sqft
Power Plant Size (In KWp)5KWp7.5KWp10KWp15KWp20Kwp
Yearly Generation6750 Units10125 Units13500 Units20250 Units27000 Units
Yearly Earning (In INR)472507087594500141750189000

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SunShell Power

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