DC Solar Pumping System


The solar revolution has open the doors to many opportunities, one of them being more efficient land irrigation using solar pump which employ photovoltaic technology. Converting solar energy to electrical energy is a cost effective means to save highly on operation costs. Since a solar pumping system involves only the photovoltaic arrays, pumping motor and other BOS, it requires very little maintenance cost as well. A solar DC pumping system uses PV panels which are composed of solar cells that use semiconducting substances like silicon to produce a direct current or DC. The power generated is the directed towards a control box which is designed to redirect power and regulate the pump motor.

Previous solar DC pump models came with a brush based motor system which required replacing. Now it employs a brushless motor run by an alternating current from the controller for more efficient pumping. Since, DC oriented pumps run by supplying direct current to the motor, a battery or an inverter is not unneeded for saving power. This makes it a more efficient and yet expensive option in comparison to AC pumps. Similar to AC systems, solar DC pump systems are also available in two variants submersible and surface pumps. It can accommodate a minimum of 3 325Wp solar modules with a maximum limit depending on area employed.

  • Does not require the usage of any type of fuel based electricity to function
  • A solar DC pump runs on direct current which means no recurring operation costs
  • Fluctuations in electrical supply does not affect the solar pump
  • Ideal for installation in locations with frequent power blackouts or diesel is least available
  • Compared to a diesel based machine, a solar pump has fewer moving parts hence low maintenance cost
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Does not require any lubrication for its functioning parts

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