On Grid Solar Rooftop System


The utility of using renewable energy is expanding from government agencies to the private sector with the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic power systems. Industrial and commercial buildings can now avoid the pressure of heightened tariffs and enjoy unlimited renewable energy. On grid solar rooftop power plants allows you to generate power using a solar power system which shares a direct connection with your area’s utility power grid. If in any case, your business is unable to meet its power needs, it is compensated by the extra power which was stored away in the power grid through net metering. If you are looking to find a one stop solution to your businesses’ energy problem and reduce your ever-increasing electricity bills, then opt for an on-grid rooftop power plant.

Your On-grid solar power plant includes three components – the solar module, solar inverter, and other cables and wiring (BOS). The entire structure can expand its coverage starting from 100 sq ft onwards and can accommodate any number of 300Wp modules, depending on the rooftop space available. It’ Solar Inverters are mostly grid-connected, and includes single phase, double phase and triple phase variants. You can expect yearly power generation to be between 1350 units-27000 units, depending on the total capacity of the structure.

  • Provides the best solution for consumer friendly and high quality energy consumption
  • Adheres to the standards of human safety
  • Secure and reliable source of power
  • Huge reduction in electricity bill costs
  • Earning of passive income from recycled power through net metering
  • Independent and sustainable power generation for individual units
  • Highly cost-effective and easy installation
  • Your power plant will have a life span of 25 years
  • Enjoy an accelerated depreciation benefit by offsetting your electricity bills

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