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India Infra Mart has developed intelligence to help consumers.

Why Indiainframart

India Infra Mart is a trade marketplace and collaboration platform.

India Infra Mart

is a trade marketplace and collaboration platform for builders, suppliers, contractors, job seekers and customers.

India Infra Mart concentrates on India's $100 billion infrastructure sector. It accounts for 9-10% of Indian GDP and employs 12% of its workforce. The infrastructure sector is a mishmash of seven broad subsectors viz roads, railways, aviation, power, crude oil & natural gas, telecom, and urban development. Each sub-sector behaves differently concerning project execution, cash flow, and product specifications. In terms of consumer behaviour, procurement process, and credit stipulation, individual sub-sector has unalike tastes.

India Infra Mart

has cultured product expertise with supply chain depth to ensure exclusive and on-time delivery.

India Infra Mart has developed intelligence to help consumers determine their consumption and procurement needs to provide a fair credit solution for their customers. India Infra Mart imparts government & private tender information online in India and from across the globe. The portal also offers a recruitment solution with a 10000+ job seekers database to boot a 500+ employer’s database.

Reach New Customers

Our integrated sourcing, marketing, and indexing tools synchronize to furnish legitimate data in the perfect format at the right time.

India Infra Mart began its corporate odyssey on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day; 15th August 2021. India Infra Mart from genesis is engrossed in upgrading the marketing strategy (purchase & sell) and the modus operandi of the infrastructure entrepreneurs in a cracking way to improve their performances and reduce losses. India Infra Mart promotes dual online business to sellers and buyers using the latest advertising technologies, invasive business ideas, and technical capabilities.

It provides a unique platform

for global businesses to promote their products and services.

India Infra Mart is a leading Business to Business (B2B) platform sourcing real estate services, building materials, inferior materials, construction, and other services.

India Infra Mart is an innovative platform to incorporate technology into the building materials supply chain to improve procurement and operational efficiencies. Implementing systems intelligence allows infrastructure entrepreneurs to choose from assorted product options using proprietary algorithms while enjoying economies of scale from aggregated demand.

India Infra Mart offers a comprehensive range of building materials from all manufacturers on the market. Facilitate direct customer communication with manufacturers, resellers, and other ecosystem partners. India Infra Mart excels in its ability to provide customers with transparent pricing and secure payment options.

The platform brings multiple stakeholders together for better supply chain management and uses a unique credit rating process to provide effective corporate finance solutions.

India Infra Mart works with various supply chain stakeholders to increase supply chain control and transparency. A multi-brand supply chain and extensive capabilities of national resources ensure a continuous supply of raw materials regardless of local turbulence.

Client requirements typically include a vision with objectives and a goal to accomplish them. Consultation with individual suppliers can fork out a direct market understanding, quality assessment, pricing, and conclusion.

India Infra Mart endeavours to impart an innovative single platform over which all the services, from planning to design, till the establishment can be rendered.

Our values are rooted in the trust we have received from numerous infrastructure firms, builders, and contractors in the civil engineering domain. We consider a project complete when both the client and the vendor are satisfied.

India Infra Mart has statistics of more than 10,000 Indian builders, suppliers, and contractors fragmented into 50 subcategories besides 20000+ construction & interior product lines.

India Infra Mart boasts thousands of registered buyers to browse this information daily.

This portal is a perfect fit for buyers and sellers around the globe to communicate with each other and conduct business seamlessly, safely, and efficiently.

India Infra Mart monitors more than 1Lac new international tenders annually from core government, public and private sectors.

Tenders from thousands of newspapers and government portals are tracked daily through AI crawlers.

Moreover, tenders are ranked according to our unique tiered rating system to avoid skipped and extraneous tenders.

In addition to the regular tenders, our subscribers receive all documentation associated with the various stages of tendering. Our highly proficient tender advisor handles all official documentation and filing work too.

Tendering is an all-around activity that requires reciprocity with various stakeholders. Our clients can execute the entire tendering process on our network.

India Infra Mart assures million-dollar real-time domain-specific business opportunities from around the world.

India Infra Mart renders a spectrum of tendering, eProcurement, and eAuction solutions to make life easier.

India Infra Mart has a robust database of resumes, vacancies, and recruiters. Our portal is a tailor-made meeting platform between job seekers and HR managers.

India Infra Mart puts applicants first and strives to provide free access to seek employment, post resumes, and explore organizations.

Henry Kissinger quoted: A diamond is just a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.

India Infra Mart believes every youth in India is a diamond while many talents get neglected. Our HR team is especially committed to creating the best possible job opportunity for the hindered talent. Every day we open up new opportunities for thousands of Indians.