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The Structures manufactured by BNAL PREFABS PRIVATE LIMITED. Covers various applications including Barracks, Site Offices, Site Accommodation, Class Rooms, Labour Camps, Transit Camps, Guard Houses, Sentry Posts, Roof Top Accommodation, Hill Cottages, Partitions, Resorts Accommodation, Low Cost Housing & Health Center, Toll Plazas, Multi Storey Accommodation etc. and many more.

BNAL PREFABS PRIVATE LIMITED also manufactures custom made structures for which necessary information regarding requirements has to be intimated by the client and the company works out the best configuration which is ideally suited to the customer’s requirement and is cost effective at the same time.

The prefabricated structures manufactured by BNAL are as under :

1. Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) Insulated Prefabricated Shelters
These shelters are made of pre-coated GI sheet panels with PUF insulation of required thickness and density sandwiched in- between. The panels are joined together using cam locks and tongue & groove arrangement for complete sealing. These panels are used for walling, false ceiling and can even be used for flooring. For smaller structures these panels can be used as load bearing panels, whereas, for larger span structures these act as filler walls and are supported by a structure of trusses, columns and purlins. These shelters offer a high degree of sound and thermal insulation and are especially suitable in very high altitude areas.

2. Cement Board Shelters
Cement Board Shelter wall are made of two asbestos free cement sheets of required thickness and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene/Compressed Thermocol) or PUF insulation in between to form a composite insulated sandwich panel. The false ceiling is also made of the same material and it can also be insulated. The doors and windows are all built into the panel themselves and can be of pressed steel or aluminium.Cement Board Shelters are aesthetically good to look at and are increasingly being used by public and private sector. The DGS&D has approved cement board shelters for rate contract of prefab shelters/huts.The DGS&D system uses two 10mm thick asbestos free cement boards inserted into W shaped GI-profile and filled with 27mm thick EPS insulation in-between. The false ceiling is of single skin panel with 6mm thick cement sheet and 32mm EPS insulation. The steel structure comprises of trusses, purlins and columns with GI sheet for roofing.

3. Portable Bunk Houses
Portable bunk houses are fully built up units in the shape of containers of size 20’x8’x8’ and 40’x8’x8’. These can be loaded on to trailer trucks with the help of a crane and can be easily moved from one place to another as per requirement. Portable Bunk Houses have a framework of tubular pipes, angles, and channels with cladding of MS Sheet on the outside and pre- laminated boards on the inside with EPS/Minwool insulation in between. These are fully furnished structures with provision of air conditioning, lighting, telephone connection etc. All sanitary and electrical connections are pre-fitted into the bunk house and are ready to use live in accommodation.

Advantages of Prefab Accommodation

  • The structures can be built in less than 25% of the time it takes for a similar building in conventional construction.
  • The cost of prefab construction is less than the cost of conventional construction.
  • Structures are insulated and provide protection against both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • They can be shifted from one place to another as per requirement
  • These structures are waterproof, termite proof and fire retardant.
  • These structures are especially useful in inaccessible areas where conventional construction is not possible.
  • They can be easily altered/ modified at a later date as per requirement.
  • These structures can be safety used in earthquake prone areas.

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