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At SunShell Power, we are committed to providing you and your business sustainable solar energy solutions and services. We help in developing solar power solutions for industries across the vertical including commercial establishments like petrol pumps, hospitals, government buildings, and banks across the nation. Our well-proven auditing methodologies and support services form the basis for our customized Solar Energy Audit Services, providing professional solutions to your challenges. Our services include:

 Owner’s Engineer

SunShell Power offers an independent owner’s engineer onsite to ensure that your solar energy project complies with the required international standards, thereby reducing the risk of liabilities in the future and address potential quality issues. With our extensive energy project experience and a strong industrial presence, our engineers are highly proficient at providing reliable support in planning, management, supplier evaluation, and personnel training for energy plant construction and operation.

Our owner engineer can help you lay the groundwork of a project and minimise risks, defining the scope of the project, evaluating budgets, conducting feasibility and site studies, analysing technologies and their suitability to your project, provide assistance in permitting, and address related environmental concerns within the scope of the project.

 Design Engineering And Review

At SunShell Power, we offer detailed Design Engineering where our team provides comprehensive designs, project engineering, and execution drawings in conjunction to the technical specifications, design criteria and procedures, best of engineering codes, and standard engineering practices for a solar energy plant. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers ensure your project is designed to maximize the energy for your site at every stage of design and development. Additionally, our team also performs detailed reviews of the selected equipment and designs received from various suppliers and contractors. Our team also helps you coordinate the release of various construction drawings during the site execution.

 Performance Audit

SunShell Power offers a comprehensive Performance Audit that can be employed to help your solar system operate with maximum efficiency and help in continuous improvement and maximum return on investment. Our performance audit services are designed to help your organization identify the critical challenges of your solar system and overcome them. We perform a comprehensive risk assessment followed by the development of a detailed audit plan. We analyze the performance of your solar systems and compile a detailed report of findings and recommendations. Our auditing teams deliver results and reports in a manner that are relevant and sensitive to the environment you operate in.

Our services are backed up with decades of experience in the field of auditing and our teams are comprised of professionals with special expertise and industry knowledge.

 Green Building

Sunshell Power provides expertise as Green Building Consultants to help your organization’s design process for green buildings and help you achieve all the necessary and desired Green Certifications across the nation. We provide this service in al verticals including global corporations, real estate, as well as government bodies. Our areas of expertise include major certifications such as USGBC LEED, IGBC Green, GRIHA, QSAS and HRC. Our experience in modelling, simulation, and building analysis acts as an essential skill in providing a comprehensive and detailed Green Building Design process.

 Energy Audit

Sunshell Power offers energy Audit Services for your solar energy plant that can help your organization fully understand and perform a detailed analysis of its energy utilisation and identify areas where your energy is being utilised the most. Our detailed performance audit will help you decide on how to budget your solar energy use, minimise its wastage, and therefore minimise cost. Our energy audit services can further provide a plethora of additional perquisites. The findings of our detailed energy audit can be a good reference for your core management in supporting commercial decisions. Understanding and acting based on the energy audit can help you acquire a sustainable reputation with your customers.

 Testing And Commissioning

After the installation of your solar system, to ensure maximum ROI, proper maintenance and testing are essential. Solar Commissioning is an important part of the Filed Acceptance Test process to ensure that your system is safe and built to code. At SunShell Power, we offer electrical testing, mechanical inspection, performance evaluation, and compile a detailed report that includes photos, performance evaluations, forecasts, and hazard analysis with recommendations for any required actions. SunShell Power is committed to helping you achieve maximum system uptime while simultaneously avoiding unplanned downtime and expensive repairs.

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