Column Pipes are manufactured with latest plant and machinery with the High-gradePVC resin with various other imported chemicals to sustain high tensile loads subjected on it by the weight of the Submersible Pump-set and vibration generated by it while running. These pipes have heavy duty square threads along with a permanently joint separate socket attached to one end of the pipe. To ensure leak proof joints high quality EPDM rubber rings are provided on both ends of the pipes and inside the socket as well.

Available in various sizes starting from 25 mm to 150 mm diameter in various categories, thick and thin technology to ensure uniform thickness across the length of the pipe and the square threads for extra strength, are some of the unique features of VPL Column Pipes.


  • Column pipes offer many advantages like light in weight, high tensile load capacity, leak proof joints and long life making them very economical.
  • Special compound - Manufactured from especially designed uPVC compound to make it sufficiently strong against loads and pressure that it may encounter during installation and use.
  • Square threads - Unique square thread design makes the joints fairly strong with sufficient safety factor to take care of load of entire assembly along with weight of the pump. These specially designed threads also make them suitable for easy joining and re-joining several times.
  • Sealing ring - Specially designed D type and flat rubber sealing rings provided on the threads make the joints watertight and help absorb pump vibrations

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