IS: 12818

Screen or slotted pipes are used for casing in ground water section to allow water to enter inside the well. These pipes can also be used to provide soak-ways for the storm water/rain water to infiltrate it back into surrounding areas. Thus we can recharge the ground water and prevent run off of rain water. These percolation pipes can also used in roof top rain water harvesting in the form of percolation pit, to recharge the ground water. These pipes can also be used for controlled and reduced volume of discharge of rain water into existing main sewer systems and water courses.

VPL offers variety of casing pipes along with the required accessories to complete the bore well system requirements in all respect. Manufactured using latest material and technology, these pipes are completely free from the problems associated with the conventional metal pipes. These pipes are rigorously tested to suit the specific application requirements. These casing pipes offers superior performance at a lower cost which makes them the preferred choice of the quality conscious customers across the country.


Excellent corrosion resistant - Unlike metal pipes, uPVC casing pipes are completely immune to corrosion and offer good resistance to aggressive elements in the soil which could cause encrustation of well screens.
Quick and convenient installation- These pipes can be easily assembled and installed using threaded joints. These pipes are suitable where drilling is done by hand, with light weight drilling rig or even with large capacity drilling machines.
Excellent strength and stiffness - These pipes have excellent stiffness and meet all the mechanical properties as per IS:12818. They have excellent hydrostatic collapse pressure that is capable of withstanding the external hydraulic pressure which these pipes would be subjected to during construction of the well.

Non-toxic - The material of the pipe is non-toxic and hence does not impart any taste, odour or colour to water. It also does not release any harmful substance in the water which could pose health problems. It also resists bacteria, making it completely safe for drinking water.
Non-conductive - uPVC is a non-conductor of electricity eliminating any electro chemical reaction with ground water which could cause encrustation of screens.
Long lasting – As the material is free from rusting, weathering and chemical reactions and with excellent mechanical properties, Supreme casing pipes last a lifetime.
Economical - Apart from all the advantages listed above, uPVC casing pipes and screens are the most economical bore-well solution as compared to other materials or even alternative uPVC casing pipes available in the market.

These pipes are manufactured as per BIS standards (IS 12818) and are available in deep blue colour. One end of the pipe is male threaded where as other end is a female threaded socket.
Threads are either 'V' type or trapezoid type and protection caps are provided on the threads to protect the threads in transit. Two types of pipes viz. Shallow Well (C.S.) and Medium Well (C.M.) are available. Shallow well pipes can be used for depths up to 80 m and medium well pipes can be used up to 250 m of depth.


These economical pipes, manufactured as per company standards and are suitable for shallow depths where soil formation is favorable. Use of these pipes for a particular application needs to be examined on case to case basis. One end of the pipe is plain where as other end is socketed for solvent weld joint. These pipes are available in blue colour.


These pipes are provided with 'V' shape ribs on its exterior surface. The special design of this structure with fine slots provided on the pipes, prevent entry of even small particles and hence permeability of the screen is maintained. These pipes are generally used in combined wells or used for specific formation where normal screen pipes do not work e.g. fine sand. These pipes are provided with male and female threaded ends.


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