Rashmi TMT Grade:

  • Rashmi TMT Fe 415
  • Rashmi TMT Fe 415D
  • Rashmi TMT Fe 500
  • Rashmi TMT Fe 500D
  • Rashmi TMT Fe 550 EQCR

Key features of Rashmi TMT Fe 550 EQCR:

  • Has higher UTS/YS ratio that makes it resistant to seismic loads and be the best choice for earthquake prone areas.
  • Meets recognized specifications for the UTS/YS ratio, thereby providing constructions with high strength and high ductility.
  • Controlled water-cooling prevents the formation of coarse carbides which is the main cause for corrosion.
  • Raw materials used in the production of bars have low carbon content that lead to superior corrosion resistant properties.

Advantages of Rashmi TMT Bars:

  • Earthquake resistant: The Thermo Mechanical Treatment attributes higher elongation to the Rashmi 500D TMT Bars that make them resistant against earthquakes.
  • Corrosion resistant: At the time of manufacturing, the outer surface of Rashmi 500D TMT Bars form a hard Ferric Oxide layer in presence of moisture and air when they are treated on the Cooling Bed. This coating helps the bars resist against corrosion.
  • Fire resistant: In comparison to ordinary CTD bars and TOR steel bars, Rashmi TMT Bars are specially manufactured to tolerate heat up to 600? centigrade.
  • Extra strength and ductility: Combination of tempered martensite on the surface and fine grain ferrite-pearlite in the core provides higher strength, toughness and ductility to the TMT Bars.
  • Super bondability: TMT Bars strongly bond with their surrounding concrete that adds to the strength and firmness of the construction.
  • Higher weldability: Raw materials used in the production of TMT Bars have low carbon. This ensures higher weldablity of the bars.
  • Steel saving: Maintaining a low tolerance of sectional weight enables Rashmi TMT Bars to save 15% approx in steel consumption, compared to others.

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