Suzlon S128 Wind Turbine Generator, 2.7 MW


The S128 Advantage

The S128 wind turbine generator is the latest addition to Suzlon's product portfolio and features the time-tested Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) technology.

It also consists of the blade measuring 63 meters and has a rotor diameter of 128 meters. The SB 63 blade has been engineered and developed by Suzlon utilizing carbon fibre that provides the capability to utilize thinner aerodynamic profiles. This technology provides excellent performance at low wind sites.

The S128 series offers ~33% more swept area (13,070sq.m.) and is expected to deliver a massive increase in energy generation compared to the Suzlon S111 wind turbine generator. It is designed to optimally harness wind resources at higher altitudes making low wind sites viable.

This next generation turbine is well equipped to improve energy yield while protecting customers return on investment (ROI).

Technical Specifications


Wind class – IEC S
Rated power - 2.7 MW
Cut-in wind speed – 3.0m/s
Rated wind speed - 9.5m/s
Cut-out wind speed –
30.0m/s (3-second average)
20.0m/s (10-minute average)


Rotor diameter - 129m
Swept area – 13,070m2


Frequency - 50Hz / 60Hz
Type - Slip ring asynchronous generator


Hub heights - Up to 140m
Type - Steel Tubular | Hybrid Lattice
| Hybrid Concrete


Make - Suzlon SB63

Pune, Maharashtra


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Suzlon Energy Ltd

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