Primarily developed to monitor the performance of a Solar-PV power plant (SPVPP) of any size, to maximize solar power harvesting and reduce maintenance cost and time. Performance of the SPV power plant after installation becomes difficult for organizations to monitor, especially in inaccessible remote locations. Using the RMS, one can monitor the performance of the SPV power plant, observe the trends of the plant’s health data and take corrective actions towards optimal generation of clean energy. This data logger independently measures various parameters of a solar power plant and records all the measured data, with a time stamp, into its local memory and sends a copy of the same to a remote server, at predefined intervals. For a 15 minute interval, the record duration will be greater than 14 days. RMS system logs various electrical parameters along with weather parameter, with date and time, for analysis of the plant’s performance data. It also has the capability to transfer the logged data to Agni’s server for remote monitoring purpose. Generally Agni provides a user ID and a password to the intended customers for monitoring purpose. Customer can monitor their SPP remotely with the help of a monitoring web-portal, with the supplied ID and password, using any standard web-browser like Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome. Agni will maintain the server, reducing the customer’s effort to maintain the same.

Kolkata, West Bengal

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Agni Power And Electronics Pvt Ltd

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