Semi Integrated solar LED street lights



Proper PV module Placement: In all in one solar LED street-light, we need to set up  PV module direction and tilt angle as per our requirement and not as per optimised solar power generation. In integrated solar street-lights we installed LED luminary separately and therefore we may install PV module with proper solar direction and tilt angle.

Lower Operation Cost: It is less expensive to operate a integrated solar powered street light than a traditional solar street light.
Reduced Damage/Theft: By locating directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is greatly reduced. 

Ruggedised Technology: Require less maintenance and reduced parts replacement due to initially incorporating higher quality components. 

Product CodeLED WattagePV ModuleBatteryLuminous FluxDimension (mm)
ETSSL-INT-10-PRM-B10 watt(+/-5%)30 Wp80wh LiFePO41300 Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-12-PRM-B12 watt(+/-5%)40 Wp154wh LiFePO41560Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-15-PRM-B15 watt(+/-5%)50 Wp154wh LiFePO41950 Lumen330X80X80
ETSSL-INT-18-PRM-B18 watt(+/-5%)60 Wp230wh LiFePO42340 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-24-PRM-B24 watt(+/-5%)75 Wp230wh LiFePO42700 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-30-PRM-B30 watt(+/-5%)100 Wp307wh LiFePO43900 Lumen340X150X120
ETSSL-INT-40-PRM-B40 watt(+/-5%)150 Wp461wh LiFePO45200 Lumen340X150X120

Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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