Dry Cooling Towers


Dry Cooling Towers

  • The fluid coils of international standards are designed and selected through software providing accurate data on thermal transfer rate based on which they are manufactured.
  • The tower designed incorporates the shell and tube designed with copper tubing and aluminium foil fins.
  • The water losses are 0.01% since, the circuits are of the closed loop type and the towers are most space saving / energy efficient once. They are best suited for applications such as Furnace coil water cooling, D/G Sets, Compressors.
  • The fans are of aluminium die cast with adjustable pitch and are individually tested for different flow rates. They are all dynamically balanced. Since, the complete fan is of Aluminium Alloy / Plastic it does not corrode when used in out door applications.
  • Dry cooling towers are in a single unit can be provided in capacities from 1000 kw to 1500 kw and they can be multiplexed to reach many thousand or kilowatts.

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